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[VIDEO] How to check the DVD Home Theatre Speakers sound output via Test Tone Settings

    If you experience no sound from any or all of your speakers of your DVD Home Theatre System, you can follow the steps in this video and do a test tone to check on the sound output of each speakers.

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    The sound doesn’t output from the surround speakers.

    • Press SURROUND repeatedly and select “DOLBY PL” (PRO LOGIC) to output sound from all speakers.(Depending on the media, sound may not be output from the surround speakers.)

    The [Speaker Setup Page] items cannot be changed.

    • Press DVD/CD, then eject the disc.

    There is no sound. Severe hum or noise is heard.

    • Remove the speaker cords from the SPEAKERS terminals, straighten and extend the contact area of each speaker cord, then reconnect the speaker cords to the SPEAKERS terminals.
    • Clean the disc.

    The sound loses stereo effect when you play a VIDEO CD or CD.

    • Set the audio setting to [Stereo] by pressing AUDIO.