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Why is the universal remote control not working correctly with a programmed component?

    The universal remote control is not working correctly with a programmed component.
    Follow these steps to troubleshoot why the universal remote control may not be working properly with the programmed component:

    NOTE: Some component functions may not be accessible or operate correctly using a universal remote control. Use of the original remote control may be necessary to perform these functions.

    1. Check the remote control for jammed buttons.
    2. Remove the batteries from the remote control.
    3. With the batteries removed, press every button on the remote control twice.
    4. Insert new batteries into the remote control.
    5. Program the remote control. Please refer to the supplied instruction manual for details.

      Note: Depending on the remote, it may not be programmable and remote codes are not required.

    6. Test the function of the component using the original remote control that was provided with the component.
    7. Reprogram the remote control using a different manufacturer code, if available.