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Windows 7 Compatibility Chart For Digital Photo Frame

    The following tables show you the result of compatibility tests of each product with Windows 7.
    About the applicable environments:

    • Windows 7 needs to be preinstalled at the factory.
    • Environments upgraded from other OS are not supported.
    • Operations are not guaranteed in all computers.

    O : Compatible

    USB / Parallel




    DPF-A72/N O O
    DPF-D100 O O
    DPF-D70 O O
    DPF-D72/N O O
    DPF-D80 O O
    DPF-D82 O O
    DPF-D92 O O
    DPF-E72/N O O
    DPF-V1000/N O O
    DPF-V700/BT O O
    DPF-V800 O O
    DPF-V900 O O
    DPF-X1000/N O O
    DPF-X800 O O

    Last Updated 14th October 2009