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VAIO Computers Support for Sony Memory Stick PRO

    On January 10, 2003, Sony announced the release of Memory Stick PRO. Please read on for the availability of support on the usage of Memory Stick PRO with VAIO computers.

    1. Memory Stick PRO is not compatible with the built-in Memory Stick drive in VAIO computers.
    2. The high transfer speed of Memory Stick PRO is not possible in current VAIO computers.
    3. Recording and playback of music files that are protected by the MagicGate technology of Memory Stick PRO is not available.

    For details on Memory Stick PRO, please click here.

    Sony will release an update program to enable the compatibility of current VAIO models with Memory Stick PRO.
    Note: This update program does not provide compatibility with the MagicGate copyright protection technology of Memory Stick PRO.

    An announcement will be made once the update program is available. Please visit this site periodically to obtain the latest information.

    Please see below for the list of VAIO models that are applicable for the update program.

    - PCG-GRX1P
    - PCG-GRX3HP
    - PCG-GRX3LP
    - PCG-GRX3P
    - PCG-GRX3SP
    - PCG-GRX5P
    - PCG-GRX5CP
    - PCG-GRX5LP
    - PCG-GRX5SP
    - PCG-GRZ10

    - PCG-NV7L
    - PCG-NV7EL

    - PCG-R505B/P
    - PCG-R505BFL/P
    - PCG-R505BGL/P
    - PCG-R505MFL
    - PCG-R505MGH
    - PCG-R505MGL
    - PCG-R505MP
    - PCG-R505MSP
    - PCG-R505MXC
    - PCG-R505TFL
    - PCG-R505TFP
    - PCG-R505TGP
    - PCG-R505TSP
    - PCG-R505TXCP
    - PCG-R505TZCP

    - PCG-SRX55C
    - PCG-SRX55H
    - PCG-SRX55L
    - PCG-SRX55TC
    - PCG-SRX55TH
    - PCG-SRX55TL

    - PCG-C1MAH
    - PCG-C1MEL

    * Models not listed above are not applicable for the update program due to individual technical specifications.