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How to Update your Sony Tablet?

Updating your Sony Tablet

    1. When a system update is released, it will be shown by a small update-icon next to the clock, and a pop-up notification.
    2. If you tap the icon, a small frame will show what the update is about.
    3. Tap this small frame, and the update window will open in full screen.
    4. Tap the Download button, and the patch will start downloading.
    5. When the download is complete, tap Restart to update. You can only continue if the AC Adapter is connected to your Sony Tablet.
    6. After around 5 minutes, the system will inform you that the System Update has completed successfully. Tap OK.
    7. To verify if the system is correctly updated, tap Apps, tap Settings, and tap About tablet. Here you can verify the Android version. If it is 3.2, your Sony Tablet system update is now finished.