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What is Memory Card File Rescue Service?

Memory Card File Rescue Service.

    Memory Card File Rescue will assist in recovering photographs and other files stored on Sony memory cards.

    To perform the Memory Card File Rescue, download the Memory Card Card Rescue software.


    • This software will not always be able to rescue data.
      Depending on the condition of the data, retrieval may no longer be possible.
    • Operation of this software has been verified only for Sony memory cards.
      When using memory cards from other manufacturers, correct operation of this software is not assured.
    • "Memory Card File Rescue" supports the following kinds of Sony memory cards:
      1. "Memory Stick™", "MagicGate Memory Stick™", "Memory Stick Duo™" and "MagicGate Memory Stick Duo™"
      2. "Memory Stick PRO™", "Memory Stick PRO Duo™", "Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo™" and "Memory Stick Micro™"
      3. "SD Card", "SDHC Card", "microSD Card" and "microSDHC Card"
    • Sony Corporation does not bear liability for data loss or any other kind of loss or damage associated with the use of this software.