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Why doesn't Removable Disk appear in My Computer when connecting a Sony camera to a computer with a USB cable?

    Removable Disk does not appear in My Computer when connecting a Sony camera to a computer with a USB cable.
    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:


        * Some computer operating systems may require you to be logged on as an Administrator or with administrator rights.
        * If the computer you are using is connected to a network, it may be necessary to temporarily disable the network connection or connect the camera to another computer that is not on a network.

    1. Ensure the USB cable is connected properly to the camera.
    2. Ensure the other end of the USB cable is connected directly to the USB port on the computer.

    3. Ensure the recording media is properly inserted in the camera.

        NOTE: When trying to retrieve images from a camera with internal memory, this step is not necessary.
    4. Disconnect any other USB devices (except for the mouse and keyboard) from the computer.
    5. Turn off the camera for 30 seconds.
    6. After 30 seconds, turn the camera on again.
    7. If the camera has a USB connection or Transfer mode setting in the menu, try setting it to Normal, Mass Storage, or PTP.

        IMPORTANT: For model-specific information about USB connection or Transfer mode settings, refer to the instruction manual of your camera.
    8. Refer to the following troubleshooting steps if the issue is not resolved
    a. Restart the computer.
    b. Try connecting the USB cable to another USB port on the computer.
    c. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the USB driver.
    d. It may be necessary to replace the USB cable if the symptom persists after trying the above.

    The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve the issue. If you have completed all of the steps and the issue is not resolved, then it is recommended you try connecting the camcorder to another computer. If the issue does not occur with another computer, then the USB ports on the first computer may not be configured properly or software may be installed that is interfering with the connection.