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Why does the VAIO notebook start at a slower speed if it is connected to ADSL modem in Windows XP?

    When the VAIO notebook is started with the connection to an ADSL modem, it may take additional one to two minutes than usual to launch all the auto-start programs.

    If it takes a longer time to start a VAIO notebook when using dial-up or other low-speed connections, please refer to the related information below to troubleshoot the issue.

    The Windows XP-based VAIO notebook has its own net adapter, so the network will be automatically configured. Generally, the VAIO notebook with TCP/IP network protocol can acquire IP address automatically.

    Therefore, when a VAIO notebook starts with the connection to an ADSL modem, the network connection function of Windows XP will consider that the VAIO notebook has already been connected to the network by default and it will begin to search the server that can automatically allocate IP address and DHCP. If DHCP response cannot be acquired, the VAIO notebook will automatically recognize the acquired address as local IP address. It takes some time to complete this process.

    This process affects the time needed to launch the auto-start programs when VAIO notebook starts. The starting process takes a long time, and the computer cannot launch other programs.

    In addition, it takes longer time to recognize the network connection after installing system updates that help to keep the computer more secure and reliable.


    To avoid the problems described above, users can detach the cable before starting the notebook or fixing IP address. However, some users may be unable to perform the above steps.