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How to register VAIO Media client to the VAIO Media Server?

    Registering VAIO media client to the VAIO Media Server.

    VAIO Media only allows registered computers on the network to gain access to the content of VAIO Media  Server. There are two types of registration - manual and automatic. Please refer to the following steps to register VAIO Media client to the VAIO Media Server:

    Important: When registering VAIO Media client to the VAIO Media Server, be sure to log in as the Administrator or as a user with Administrative rights.

    For manual registering, please refer to the following steps:
    1.  Click Start, select All Programs,  select VAIO Media and click VAIO Media.
    2.  Click Setting and click Register Device.
    3.  Click Start.

    For Automatic registering:
    1.  On the VAIO Media Server, click Start, select All Programs, select VAIO Media, select Server Administration and click VAIO Media Console.
    2.  Click Access Control Settings and select Access this computer from other devices connected to the network.
    3.  Select Restrict access this computer to manually-registered devices (Recommended) or Allow all connectable devices to access this computer and click Register.
    4.  Select Automatically Register devices when connected to the network (Recommended) or Manually register the device by entering the MAC address, click Next and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the client registration.

    The maximum number of client to register per server is 20.
    -  If the VAIO Media Console registration method is change from automatic to manual, all clients that were registered automatically will no longer be able to access the server until they registered manually.

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