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What to do if “More than One Wireless Lans You Can View and Modify” dialogue box appears when the computer is connected to the Internet by wireless LAN?

    When Wireless LAN is connected, More than one Wireless LANs you can view and modify appears indicting the network is disconnected.
    Reconnecting to wireless access point can enable the computer connect to the network properly, but the issue re-occurs after one to five minutes.

    For computers with 2.4GHz Internal Wireless LAN or 2.4GHz wireless Net Card (VAIO)
    Only for the computer models installed with Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

    If Enable IEEE 802.1X verification for this network is selected in the network settings of wireless network when it cannot be verified whether the router at extended end is IEEE 802.1X, the issue will occur.

    Please refer to the steps below to deselect Enable IEEE 802.1X verification for this network.

    The procedures are for computer models installed with Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    The steps differ from the ones for Windows XP Service Pack 1.

    1. Open Wireless LAN Properties.
    2. When Wireless LAN Properties appears, click Wireless LAN Configuration.
    3. Click the connection point users want in Preferred network, and then click Properties.

    4. When (Connection point) Properties appears, click Verify.
    5. Deselect  Unable IEEE 802.1X verification for this network, and then click OK.
    6. Click OK to close the interface.