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What is a JEITA measuring standard?

About JEITA measuring standard.

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JEITA stands for Japan Electronic Information Technology Association (Ver 1.0).
JEITA measuring standard is based on the following conditions:


1.Volume Control: Mute
2.Turn off the Wireless LAN of VAIO Smart Network
3.Turn off the Windows automatic updates
4.Exit all Desktop Gadgets

VAIO Control Center Settings:
 1. Go to Display -> Automatic Brightness Settings.

 2. Uncheck Adjust brightness automatically.
    Please remove the check mark.


Power Plan Settings:

1. Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Power Options and select Power Saver.

2. From the Power Saver settings, go to Change plan settings -> Change advanced power settings -> On battery, and set the following:

*Dim the display: Never

*Turn off the display: Never

*Put the computer to sleep: Never

3. Go to Change plan settings -> Change advanced power settings:

Advanced settings -> Battery:

*Low Battery notification -> On battery: set to Off

VAIO Power Management

Color Quality -> Running on battery: Medium (16-Bit)

JEITA Measuring Method A:
* Display Brightness
   Change the brightness level to 4 using Fn + F5 or Fn + F6 key. (Minimum is Level0)