Article ID : 00199052 / Last Modified : 25/05/2018

Service Icons disappeared - Cannot launch Network Service on my Blu-ray player or AV receiver after 22nd May 2018

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From the 22nd May 2018, a very small portion of Sony Blu-ray players / AV Receivers may become unable to access apps, updates or other network services.
This is due to cached information remaining on your devices – typically your Internet router – following a Bravia server upgrade.
NOTE: Cached information includes the Internet, ISP and router/home network data.

If you suddenly cannot see any network service or app icons, or access apps and other network services on your Blu-ray player / AV Receiver, please try the following:

  • Unplug the power cords of your Blu-ray player / AV Receiver and Internet router and reconnect them after one minute

You could also try this additional troubleshooting step if you feel comfortable changing your Blu-ray player / AV Receiver settings:

To help your Blu-ray player / AV Receiver run smoothly, we also recommend that you have the latest firmware installed on your device.