About this download

Please uncheck  Activate upon start-up setting in the task-tray of the PC before any installation to upgrade for Windows Vista from the current operating system on use. Click here for more details.
* In case the upgrade to Windows Vista has been done without above action, please download Removable Tool to remove “Virtual Expander” completely.


  • This tool is not compatible with Windows Vista (64Bit) edition.
  • Even if following message may come up to the display, the entire action of the removal are to be completed successfully without problem. "Complete. (failed in the deletion of some registry setting or files.)".

Available Download:

Filename: VE_RemovalTool_v10.exe
Download size: 46 KB 
Updated on: 2008/08/25

File Info

File Name

  • Removable Tool for “Virtual Expander” software (After upgrade to Windows Vista)

File Size

  • 0.04MB

Release Date

  • 2008-08-25

System Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista



Download Procedure
  1. Create a folder to store the downloaded file.
  2. Save the downloaded file (VE_RemovalTool_v10.exe) in this folder.
  3. When the download is completed, use Windows Explorer to browse to the folder where the file is saved. Click View and click Details.
    * If the file size is the same as the download size (46 KB), the download is successful. If the size is different, please delete the file and download it again.
  4. After download, double click on the VE_RemovalTool_v10.exe file and follow the on screen instructions.