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Voice Recorders / Linear PCM Recorders Windows 8 Compatibility Information

    Regarding the operating environment:

    • Windows 8 must be factory installed on your PC.
    • Operation cannot be guaranteed if an upgrade to Windows 8 from another OS has been performed.
    • Operation is not guaranteed for all PC models.
    • Support for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro is planned for these products.
    • Operation verified in Desktop mode only.


    1. O : Compatible
    2. - : Not Compatible
    Voice Recorders
    Model Compatibility Status (USB Connection)
    FS-85USB O
    ICD-AX412F O
    ICD-MX20 O
    ICD-PX312 O
    ICD-PX312M O
    ICD-PX820 O
    ICD-SX713 O
    ICD-SX750 O
    ICD-SX813 O
    ICD-SX850 O
    ICD-SX850D O
    ICD-SX950 O
    ICD-TX50 O
    ICD-UX200F O
    ICD-UX300F O
    ICD-UX400F O
    ICD-UX512F O
    ICD-UX513F O
    ICD-UX523F O
    ICD-UX533F O
    PCM-D50 O
    PCM-M10 O

    Application Software Version Compatibility Status Notes
    Digital Voice Editor   - For the customers who have FS-85USB/ICD-MX20/ICD-SX750/ICD-SX850/ICD-SX850D/ICD-SX950/ICD-PX820: Please use Sound Organizer instead of Digital Voice Editor.

    Note: Please use Explorer to copy files to your computer because Sound Organizer cannot recognize the above Voice Recorders.
    Sound Forge Audio Studio LE 9.0d O  
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking RE O If you are using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking RE Ver.9 or 10 that was supplied with the ICD-SX850D.
    Please buy the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Ver.12 commercially available.

    If you are using LPEC (msv) file, please convert to WAV or MP3 file with the Sound Organizer in advance.
    Sound Organizer 1.3 O Download the latest version of Sound Organizer
    ICD-UX200F/UX300F/UX400F Firmware Update Program 1.01 O  
    ICD-UX512F/UX513F Firmware Update Program 1.02 O  

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