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Notice to Customers using SonicStage®, SonicStage™ Simple Burner, OpenMG™ Jukebox, Net MD™ Simple Burner or MD Simple Burner™ software applications

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Problems occur with the software applications listed below after installing Microsoft® Windows® security update MS04-032 (KB840987). An "omjbox.exe error" may result while playing back a track, launching the software, recording a CD, managing tracks or transferring a track to a portable player.

Error Message Examples:

For computers with Microsoft® Windows® XP operating systems:

For computers with the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system:

Impacted Applications:

  • SonicStage®
  • SonicStage™ Simple Burner
  • OpenMG™ Jukebox
  • Net MD™ Simple Burner
  • MD Simple Burner™

Applicable Computer Operating System Environments:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional**
  • Microsoft® Windows® Home Edition**
  • Microsoft® Windows® Media Center Edition 2004**

**The issue does not occur on computers that have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed.

Sony has been investigating the cause of this problem as well as working on countermeasures in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation. A countermeasure program to remedy this situation is now available at Microsoft’s website. For more detailed information, please click here.

Sony apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused.