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How to use a Bluetooth stereo phone to enjoy music via BluetoothTM Stack for Windows® by TOSHIBA Utility?

    Using a Bluetooth stereo phone to enjoy music via BluetoothTM  Stack for Windows® by TOSHIBA Utility.

    Please follow the steps below.

    1. Right-click the Bluetooth wireless technology icon in the Task Tray and click Add New Connection. The Add New Connection Wizard(Welcome to the Add New Connection Wizard) will appear.

    2. Switch on the stereo headphone and activate Discoverable mode.

    3. Confirm that Express Mode has been selected and click Next. Once the search for the devices is completed, the Add New Connection Wizard(Select Device) screen will appear.

    4. Select the device name of the stereo headphones from the list and click Next. The Add new Connection Wizard(Searching for Services) screen will appear.

    5. Configure the type and name of the icon to appear once registration is complete, and click Next. The Add New Connection Wizard(Configure Connection Name) screen will appear.

    6. Click Finish. The settings will be registered, and the icon will appear on the Bluetooth Settings screen.

    7. Connecting to the stereo headphones:
    User can connect to the stereo headphones form the icon registered in Bluetooth Settings.

    8. Play music or other audio files on the computer.

    9. Finishing listening to music and disconnecting:
    Right-click the   icon for the currently connected mode from Bluetooth Settings on the computer and click Disconnect.
    A message confirming the disconnection may appear. Click Yes after having followed the instructions in the message. The icon will indicate that the device has been disconnected.

    For more information, please refer to the embedded manual for the Toshiba Bluetooth Utility.