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How to resolve if "PROTECTOR" and "PUSH POWER" appears alternately in the front panel display?

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PROTECTOR and PUSH POWER appears alternately in the front panel display.

Press Image to turn OFF the system, and check the following items after STANDBY disappears.
There may be an incorrect connection or an improper setting. Please try following these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Are the + and - speaker cords short-circuited?
    Make sure that the speaker connection and wire are not damage or pinched.
  • Are you using only the specified speakers?
    Check that speaker connections and settings.
  • Is anything blocking the ventilation holes of the system?
    Ensure the system has proper ventilation to keep it from overheating.

After checking the above items and fixing any problems, turn ON the system.
If the cause of the problem cannot be found even after checking all the above items, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.