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Information regarding the Android TV software update (ver.6.5603)

    Your Android TV software is scheduled to receive an update. The update is scheduled to begin around the end of May 2018. If the Android TV software is updated, the following features will be improved or changed. 

    IMPORTANT: This article only applies to specific products. Please refer to Applicable Products and Categories of This Article to check whether your TV model is applicable or not.

    Enhanced Features

    Improvement of the Content Bar
    TV Menu category is added to the Content Bar that leads to an easy access to TV, the program guide, and inputs. 

    You can also set up your favorite TV channels easily. A new item, Recent apps is added into My Apps category, making it easier to add your newly obtained or recent accessed app into the favorite apps category for easy access.

    Improvement of an on-screen notice message for software updates
    Software update message on the TV screen to get your attention is disappeared in a certain time from the next software update so that you will not be bothered by the message while watching TV.
    NOTE: This improvement will be effective from the next update message.

    Change the way to enjoy the contents stored in your Xperia on TV 
    On some models, the contents stored in your Xperia (photos, videos and music) cannot be displayed in Album/Video/ Music apps by connecting USB. To enjoy your Xperia contents on TV, Google Cast allows you to wirelessly cast the contents by selecting   (cast) icon.
    For the details about Google Cast, please refer to the article below.
    How do I use Google Cast on Sony's Android TV?

    No Longer Supported Features

    Removal of Photo Sharing Plus app
    Photo Sharing Plus app is no longer available and thus removed from Apps in Home menu.

    Removal of the Live Football mode
    The Live Football mode is removed from the Action Menu.

    Removal of the some categories in the Content Bar
    The categories below are removed from the Content Bar that is displayed by pressing DISCOVER button on the remote control. 

    • Video (Home network)
    • 500px
    • Playmemories Online 

    As for Video category, Video (USB) remains. To watch the video via Home network, please select Video app from Home menu.

    Removal of Assamese and Oriya Language from the language setting
    From Indian languages, Assamese and Oriya Languages are removed. If you set these languages on the language setting, they will be automatically changed to English.