Article ID : 00181633 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Announcement to Sony DVD+RW Disc Users

    Sony has recently discovered problems affecting some of Sony DVD+RW blank discs that may not be writable or readable.

    Due to oxidation of the element used in the protective layer of the disc, some discoloration in the form of black spots may appear on the disc, rendering it unable to write or read.

    Some of the discs were bundled with our DVD+RW Rewritable Drives and other discs were sold independently.

    Only Sony DVD+RW discs with the model numbers and production lot numbers listed below may be affected. All other Sony discs sold in this region are not affected.

    We ask customers who have the affected discs to contact our Sony Customer Centre indicated below for further details. We will exchange each affected disc with a new one, free of charge. 

    Sony sincerely regrets causing this inconvenience to customers and we ask you for your understanding and cooperation. 

    Affected Products
    1.  Sony DVD+RW Blank Disc 
    Sony DVD+RW blank disc with the following production lot numbers are affected :

    Package Photo.

    Model No.

    Production Lot No.
















    Customers who have purchased an affected disc can contact the nearest authorised service centre to find out the detailed information about the exchange service. 

    A list of authorised Sony Service Centres can be found in the Service Centers page. 
    For customers in Singapore, please click here

    2.  Sony DVD+RW Blank Disc that are bundled with Sony DVD+RW Rewritable Drives
    Sony DVD+RW Rewritable Drives with the following model numbers may come bundled with the Sony DVD+RW Disc as listed above :  

    • DRU-500A

    • DRU-500AX

    • DRX-500UL

    • DRX-500ULX

    Customers who have purchased a drive that was bundled with an affected disc can contact the distributor to find out the detailed information about the exchange service. 
    A list of Sony DVD+RW Rewritable Drives Distributors is available for your reference.

    How to Identify the Production Lot Number on the Disc
    The production lot number can be found at the center of the disc.