Article ID : 00181464 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Compatibility of Memory Stick PRO Duo models with IC Recorder ICD-MX20

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Thank you for your continuous support for Sony products.

It has come to our attention that the following symptom may occur in the IC Recorder ICD-MX20 during its recording operation onto the Memory Stick PRO Duo model MSX-M512S (512MB) :

When a user executes the DIVIDE operation during the recording mode and records onto MSX-M512S, there will be a possibility of no recording for a few seconds’ duration at the top of the following voice file.

This symptom will not occur if the DIVIDE operation is only executed during the playback mode of ICD-MX20, and not during the recording mode.

Even though MSX-M512S is recommended for use in the instruction manual for ICD-MX20, we would like to announce the change of the recommendation shown in the instruction manual and ask users not to use MSX-M512S with ICD-MX20.

For users who have already purchased MSX-M512S for use with ICD-MX20, and experienced the symptom described above, we will replace the MSX-M512S with an equivalent model of Memory Stick PRO Duo which is compatible with ICD-MX20, free of charge. For the exchange details, please contact your local Sony Service Centre. A list of the Sony Service Centres can be found in the