Article ID : 00112275 / Last Modified : 16/06/2020

The recorded image appears dark, or there is a shadow on it.

    The lens cover might not have been fully opened.
    Always check the subject on the LCD screen before starting recording.

    If the lens cover does not open when the camcorder is turned on, try turning the power off and on again.
    For models with a lens cover that can be opened/closed manually, operate the lens cover switch until the lens cover fully opens.

    If the lens cover still does not open properly, there is a possibility that there is a defect in the opening/closing mechanism of the lens cover portion. Please have your camcorder serviced.

    Possible cause of open/close defect

    • Malfunction due to the effect of water droplets
    • Adhesion of foreign objects such as sand and dust
    • Deformation due to impact or weight

    If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need service.