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How to put on the head mount display of the wireless 3D personal viewer.

    1.  Lift the forehead supporter.
      NOTE:  Once the head mount unit is on your head, the forehead supporter can be adjusted either back and forth or up and down.
      Adjust forhead supporter
    2. Loosen both the top and bottom headbands.
      Loosen headbands
      1. Hold down the button on the top of each adjuster.
      2. Pull the strap to the right.
    3. Put the head mount unit on your head.
    4. Adjust the lower headband so that it is on the base of the back of your head.
      Adjust headmount viewer
    5. Tighten the headbands enough so that the head mount display will not fall off your head but that it is also loose enough to make slight adjustments.
      Tighten headbands
    6. Using both hands, carefully adjust the head mount unit left, right, up and down to find the best viewing position.
      Headmount display slightly adjust
    7. Tighten the headbands so that they are secure.