Enjoy exceptional contrast with Cognitive Processor XR on Mini LED & Full Array LED

BRAVIA XR Mini LED backlight

Just like with Full Array, Mini LED TVs control areas of the backlight so both dark and bright subjects are presented clearly. But Mini LEDs are much smaller and denser, so they need far more precise control. Our Mini LED TVs have highly accurate backlight control that's unique to Sony - XR Backlight Master Drive. This is why you'll see unprecedented contrast, almost without flare.

See how we precisely control Mini LED screens for exceptional dynamic range

Our unique XR Backlight Master Drive technology uses a Sony-developed local dimming algorithm to control thousands of tiny, high-dense LEDs with absolute precision and independence. This is how they can display unprecedented dynamic range with incredibly deep blacks and dazzling lights.

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See how our Full Array LED backlight works

See the technology behind our Full Array LED screens and find out how they deliver better and more precise contrast than conventional Edge LED screens.