The Best Travel Gift in 2016

A travel gift idea for jet-setting travellers this holiday season

Buying the best travel gifts for your friends and family with wanderlust can be challenging at times. They’ve likely seen several of the Seven Wonders of the World, traveled to some of the finest museums and restaurants, taken in the sunset on opposite corners of the Earth and more. While your adventurers may seem to already have it all, there are still a few great travel gifts that you can give to your travellers to make their journey easier and more enjoyable. People who travel are often in need of headphones to keep them occupied on those long plane rides across oceans, to fill their ears with the sounds of home when they feel homesick and to keep them company while they take in the beauty of an entirely new destination. 

Word Travel is Becoming More Widespread 

By the year 2025, Visa predicts that 280 million households around the world will be taking an international trip, which translates to about one in every eight families globally. 

Traveling the world has become a more popular pastime than ever before. In fact, by the year 2025, Visa predicts that 280 million households around the world will be taking an international trip, about one in every eight families globally. Those travellers will need to be prepared with the right luggage, camera and noise canceling headphones to be able to experience their trip to the fullest.  

Read on to find out why the noise canceling Bluetooth® MDR-1000X headphones are the best travel gift to give to your favourite traveller for every leg of their journey this holiday season.  

Beginning the Journey with the Perfect Travel Gift

Any grand, international trip typically starts at the bustling airport. The MDR-1000X headphones are the perfect travel gift to make navigating the airport and managing the stress of global air travel much more relaxing. These headphones come equipped with Ambient Sound, which allows the listener to hear their favourite music while blocking out the excess background noise. Activated with the simple touch of a button on the left side of the headphones, your traveller will be able to hear important announcements about the status of their flight because the MDR-1000X recognizes human voices and allows them to be filtered into the headphones with Ambient Sound voice mode. 

While waiting in those long security lines or to board the flight, your traveller can make use of the gesture panel on the side of the headphones to change the song. There’s no need to dig through luggage to find your phone or portable music player. Users simply swipe and tap the earpad to skip through songs, adjust the volume or activate a smartphone’s voice assistant features. 

Settling In for a Long Flight with Your Favourite Travel Headphones

Once your traveller has boarded the plane and put away his or her carry-on bag in the overhead bins, they likely turn to music to entertain them during their long flight. This travel gift of noise canceling headphones was made to entertain during those monotonous 18-hour flights across the world. The MDR-1000X are the first pair of headphones to offer built-in DSEE HX™ technology, meaning that all of your traveller’s compressed digital music files will be upgraded to near High-Resolution Audio quality. The rich and natural sound will be a welcome distraction from the tedious nature of traveling. And of course, the close-fitting urethane ear pads surround your ear to cut out any other distractions and keep you comfortable during the long journey ahead.

This travel gift also uses industry-leading noise cancelation technology to block out the noise of all of your traveller’s fellow passengers. New high-sensitivity drivers effectively filter out the snores of other passengers, while Dual Noise Sensor technology uses both internal and external microphones to offset ambient noise. And with the Quick Attention feature, your traveller can even turn down the music instantly for a quick conversation with the flight attendant. Your traveller simply has to place one hand over the earpad to lower the volume and let the flight attendant know what meal and drink they would like to enjoy. 

And the Adventure Begins with the Best Travel Gift

Remember, the traveling doesn’t end after the plane has landed. After keeping your loved one entertained during the long flight, this travel gift of the MDR-1000X headphones can help them fully enjoy their destination too. These headphones were created to help your traveller wander those foreign boulevards and navigate the local transportation system. Ambient Sound normal mode allows your traveller to stay safe and hear everyday, essential sounds such as traffic while still listening to their favourite albums in the background. 

With the Bluetooth® and LDAC technology, this travel gift enables your traveller to wirelessly listen to their favourite travel soundtrack in exceptional sound quality throughout their entire trip. Allowing three times more data transmitted than comparable Bluetooth compatible coding technologies, LDAC enables your traveller to go on their merry way wire- and hassle-free with the best sound in tow. The MDR-1000X headphones can easily be taken wherever your traveller goes, with swivel folding earcups that make it easy to store the headphones in your traveller’s suitcase. 

The MDR-1000X headphones’ noise canceling capabilities and brilliant sound make them a favourite travel gift for many adventurers and are sure to help make your traveller’s time away from home more memorable. Wherever your favourite traveller is heading after the holidays, they are sure to think of you when they put on their new MDR-1000X headphones. 

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