Take perfect portraits with Background Defocus


An attractive, natural-looking background blur is one of the hallmarks of professional level DSLR photography. Now you can add this feature to your photos and create perfect compositions without the need for expensive lenses or complicated camera settings. Just choose from three levels of background blur – your camera will automatically do the rest.

Without Background Defocus mode
With Background Defocus mode

Without Background Defocus

The subject and background appear nearly equally in focus.


With Background Defocus

The subject in the portrait emerges from the blurred background, for more attractive results.

Background Defocus mode Sample Image

Three levels of background blur

Degree of background defocus

How Background Defocus works


When the shutter button is pressed, the camera takes two consecutive shots and detects the relative distance between the foreground subject and other elements. Then, the camera processes this data to create clearly focused subject and beautifully blurred surrounding areas.


Step 1

The camera takes two consecutive shots with different focus positions, using high-speed continuous shooting technology.


Step 2

The camera compares two images to measure the distance between the foreground subject (in-focus) and other elements.


Step 3

Making use of this measurement data, a blurring effect is applied to all areas other than the main subject.

Degree of background defocus
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