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What is VAIO Gate?
VAIO Gate is your portal to a more enjoyable VAIO experience. Just switch VAIO on and VAIO Gate appears at the top of the screen — a neat row of icons that provides fast, easy access to applications.

Note: VAIO Gate is installed in all models except VAIO X, SR and P Series.
Friendly, intuitive interface
Positioned for easy access at the top of the display, VAIO Gate contains icons linked to original VAIO software and other frequently used applications. To open an application, simply click on an icon — a real timesaver that eliminates having to dig through menus and folders to locate software.

Gateway to VAIO multimedia entertainment
Click the green cube on the left to display icons linked to original VAIO multimedia software. Icons are grouped into three categories — photos, music or movies — according to usage. Descriptions of linked applications can be displayed by placing the cursor over the appropriate icon, making it easy to enjoy VAIO original software.

Easily customisable
A simple drag-and-drop operation is all it takes to place icons in VAIO Gate. What’s more, you can customise it for a more personalised feel by changing display modes, the duration of on-screen RSS headlines and other settings.

Drag and drop to add icons
Change settings
Note: Number of displayed icons may vary depending on VAIO model.
RSS headlines in full view
If you configure Internet Explorer for RSS, VAIO Gate automatically displays headlines as they are generated. When a headline catches your eye, click it to open Explorer and read the feed.
Note: RSS feeds may be unavailable in certain areas.
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