Storage Media and Batteries

External Hard Drives

Seamlessly crafted. Seamlessly integrated. Our external hard drives come with cutting edge design and features for quick and easy data access.

Memory Cards

We offer high speed and performance
SD cards that are the perfect
companions for digital products like
cameras, mobile phones.

USB Drives

Transferring and backing up data have
never been simpler. Every series of our
diverse range of USB storage media has
unique features suited for different needs.

Portable Wireless

The Portable Wireless Server makes
it easy to transfer and share content
between your smartphone, tablet,
camera or PC.


Our portable chargers are made for
high performance with a longer life span,
delivering durability and reliability.

Data Storage Media

Record and store data safely with our range of reliable data storage media, from the affordable to the technologically advanced.

Tape Media

Record your priceless moments and watch them anytime, anywhere with our reliable and high quality video recording media.

Storage Media

Well known for its reliability and experience in data media, Sony's Linear Tape Open (LTO) caters to a wide range of users in broadcast, corporate, and more.

Professional Media

We pioneered the tape manufacturing process and have continuously innovated on HD professional recording media like the SxS memory cards and Professional Disc.

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