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Combining form, function and the latest in technology, Sony provides a range of IT and computing devices, storage media, accessories and peripherals to better serve all your IT needs.
Sleek and stylish are trademarks of the VAIO Personal Computers, while durability and mobility are traits that set them apart from the competition. Features-filled, it’s your perfect companion.
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Sony has developed a series of compatible accessories to enhance your VAIO performance and provide protection. Now, you can expect the best from your VAIO.
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Storing and sharing information have never been more convenient with the Sony range of Memory Card and related accessories. Able to store and transfer data, music, movie and picture files, it’s the perfect companion wherever you go.
Transferring, sharing and storing of documents have never been easier with Sony’s diverse range of storage media. We have everything that your computing device can accept.
The introduction of Sony LTO (Linear Tape Open) demonstrates our commitment to the mid-range server market and offering a full line-up of data media products. Sony continues to offer the full range of Storage Media for all popular tape drives available in the market.
There are many different types of portable speakers for different purposes, and be it for traveling, for work, or for personal enjoyment, we have the right set of speakers for you to choose from.
With Sony's range of Computer Peripherals, which are high quality and long lasting, you can easily extend your computer's abilities, making sure your IT needs are met time after time.
Data is a precious commodity in businesses. Lose it or mismanage it and you put your entire business at risk. Choose from a range of Sony Enterprise Storage solutions to back up your data safely and securely.
With endless passwords to remember, it’s hard to keep track. With Sony’s Puppy fingerprint identity device, you no longer have to rack your brain to think of the right password for everything.
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