Xplod™ In Car Visual

MHL/HDMI Interface

Using the MHL or HDMI cables supplied with the player you can play digital video and audio content
from a wide range of smartphones. MHL is compatible with Android™ while HDMI is compatible with
iOS, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones.

While MHL connection allows smartphone charging, HDMI does not. MHL and HDMI cable connections allow you to control content via your
smartphone but not via the audio & visual player. Cable length is 1.5m.

MirrorLink™ Connectivity

MirrorLink™ lets you access your smartphone applications via the car’s navigation screen and
steering wheel buttons. This allows you to use your phone conveniently from one central interface
for a safer drive home.

App Remote Version 2.0

App Remote is a versatile smartphone app that allows you to use voice control to operate your Sony Audio
and Visual Player and smartphone. It will also read out your incoming smartphone messages and alerts.

App Remote 2.0

Auto Read Out of your incoming SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Calendar and RSS alerts from your smartphone through your car audio system.

•Compatible with Android™.
•Smart Connect app is required.
•Check your smartphone for language compatibility.
•Some languages require an additional text-to-speech (TTS) to be installed.

Operate your navigation app
and other smartphone apps, as
well as play music and videos
stored on your smartphone
using voice commands.

•Compatible with Android™.
•Voice Control requires your smartphone to have data connection.
•Check your smartphone for language compatibility.

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