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Stay on top of your game and win that competitive edge with smooth, fluid and speedy response with no frustrating lags.

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For Games
Keep pace with the action without worrying about fumbling for the right keys in mid-battle. The HMZ-T3 series allows for an unrestricted view of your PC’s keyboard and mouse while you play. You can also instantly boost contrast and detail for maximum visibility in dimly lit scenes with one easy push of a button. It’s the winning way to enjoy all your favourite game titles, from fast-paced first-person shooters to car races.
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Spectacular big-screen viewing expands before your eyes as sensational surround sound embraces you.

For Movies
Enjoy the feeling of being in your very own movie theatre. With Sony’s self-illuminating OLED display panels, you’ll witness movie magic thanks to striking high-contrast imagery and ultra-deep black tone. Watch stunning 3D images unfold before your eyes, without the “crosstalk” interference that is common to 3D TV technology.
7.1-channel Surround Sound

Add an extra dimension of immersive pleasure with clear 7.1-channel virtual sound that wraps right around you. Sony’s advanced Virtualphones Technology creates an impressively natural 360° soundstage with dialogue, music and effects placed accurately around you. Support for a wide range of audio codecs lets you enjoy supreme virtual surround sound with any source material.

7.1-channel Surround Sound

Witness striking high-contrast images and ultra-deep black tone with Sony’s self-illuminating OLED display panels. You’ll enjoy amazing 3D imagery, minus “crosstalk” caused by electromagnetic interference.

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Ergonomic Design

From long gaming sessions to movie marathons, enjoy hours of immersive, personal 3D entertainment with supreme comfort. The light, ergonomically styled Head Mounted Display offers a snug and secure fit, while flexible upper and lower headbands also adjust instantly to fit any member of the family. A large, cushioned head pad provides even more comfort, while easy lens adjustment keeps your eyes feeling fresh and focused.


Forget cables. Watch movies, games and more in Full HD with the latest evolution of wireless freedom. Relax in your favorite couch, or move around if you want to. New 60GHz technology allows speedy wireless transfers of HD video signals and sound with no compression. Enjoy up to 7hrs of battery life for videos/gaming.

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*Applicable to HMZ-T3W only.
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