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Action Cam

Action Cam
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Explore the HDR-AS100V
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Enjoy slimmer, smaller, lighter, easier use.

Wear Action Cam on your head, strap it on your chest, mount it on handlebars… the slimmer shape is perfect for a variety of sports. It resists wind and water pressure, is easy to position by your face, and doesn't block your view. Plus, the housing is now 35% lighter and 25% smaller*, with easy-to-use buttons on the side, over the housing. Now you can control the camera setting without having to take it out of the housing!

*Compared to HDR-AS15

Shoot & Share - It's a lot cooler with GPS!

Continue your adventure with built-in GPS plus PlayMemories Home apps. Plot your course with Map View. Show speed with GPS Data Overlay on Video. Merge different camera footage with Multi View Video Merge. Show footage at dramatic 90°, 180° and 270° angles with Movie Rotation. Then save and share the action via PlayMemories Online.

Outstanding Image Quality

The Most Vivid and Detailed Videos in Full HD


Smooth and Shake-free Footage Anywhere


Record in 6 Unique Modes, Including Slow Motion

The Most Vivid and Detailed Videos in Full HD

Capture every action-packed moment in full 1920x1080 HD resolution for amazing films up to 60p. For crystal-clear playback, connect the Full HD Action Cam via HDMI to any compatible HDTV.

Smooth and Shake-free Footage Anywhere

Cycling on bumpy trails or river rafting through rough waters? No sweat! Capture smoother recordings on the move with image stabilisation that reduces shake and blurred scenes.

Record in 6 Unique Modes, Including Slow Motion

Whatever your sport, Action Cam is ready for the challenge. Choose from six recording modes to fit the situation, including new 1080/60p mode for smooth images of fast sports and HQ for Full-HD quality with highest resolution. You also have 3 standard HD modes - 2x SLOW for extreme sports, 4x SSLOW to slow down and analyse the action like a golf or baseball swing and SD for extended VGA recording (640 x 480, 30p).

FULL HD: PS (1920 x 1080 60p), HQ (1920 x 1080 30p) HD: STD (1280 x 720 30p) SLOW (1280 x 720 60p), SSLOW (1280 x 720 120p) SD: VGA (640 x 480 30p)


Ultra wide-angle 170° field of view

The ultra wide angle Carl Zeiss® Tessar® lens provides a spacious 170° viewing angle - the perfect way to capture breathtaking scenes of expansive ski slopes and winding mountain trails. What's more, turn action sports into dazzling pictures. Still image mode captures memorable high-quality 11.9 Megapixel photos.

The ultra wide angle Carl Zeiss<sup>®</sup> Tessar<sup>®</sup>
170° Ultra wide-angle
See the difference
See the difference

Great for water activities

White Balance
Underwater White Balance

Capture natural colour even underwater. Start creating fascinating aquatic video by simply turning on underwater white balance mode. Diving or snorkeling under the sea is now more enjoyable with Sony's Action Cam.

Waterproof Housing

The SPK-AS2 housing123 (supplied with HDR-AS30V), is waterproof up to 16ft/5m. It protects your Action Cam from water and dirt. Suitable for water sports and other action packed activities in rainy or muddy conditions.

The SPK-AS1 housing123 (supplied with HDR-AS15), is recommended when using Action Cam underwater. It is water resistance down to 197ft/60m. However, Wi-Fi does not function underwater.

1: Not to withstand continuous submersion or harsh environmental situations.
2: After using in ocean/salt water, rinse the housing thoroughly with water.
3: SPK-AS2 and SPK-AS1 are available for sale separately

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Experience stunning low-light performance thanks to the back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. Designed for compact cameras and camcorders, Exmor R improves image clarity and drastically reduces noise when shooting in dimly lit environments. Photo diodes positioned above the circuitry help maximize the light gathering area per pixel. The end result is clearer, sharper images in dark environments.

Exmor R Sensor
Image Sensor
No 1 Sensor
Sony is the world's No. 1 manufacturer of image sensors for digital cameras and video recorders (based on Sony research from April 2012 to March 2013 that shows Sony has a 50% market share)
Image Sensor Structure

Sony's blazing-fast BIONZ imaging engine transforms data captured by the CMOS sensor into impressive images with accurate colour, rich tonal gradations and minimal noise.

Bionz Diagram

Go big with a lens that does too. Action Cam features a 170° ultra wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens. Increase your perspectives and capture more of the terrain. Give everything you shoot, a professional look and feel.

Ultra Wide Angle
Wi-Fi and NFC

Your videos can also be transferred via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and tablets running the free PlayMemories Mobile app can pull movies and photos from your Action Cam wirelessly. Once the content is on your mobile device, you can then upload and share it via email or social media.

Thanks to NFC*, you only need to touch devices to connect, and no complex setup is required when connecting to Android smartphones and tablets. An Android smartphone equipped with NFC allows remote control connection without the need for complicated settings.

*Only available on HDR-AS30V

Shooting becomes extra fun and exciting with built-in GPS plus PlayMemories Home apps. You can also save and share your must-see adventures via PlayMemories Online.

*GPS is only available on HDR-AS30V


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