Manufacturing Technology

Metal Evaporated Tape Process

The ME Tape process can be split into 4 main processes which are :

  • Evaporation
  • DLC layer production
  • Slitting
  • Winding

The structure of ME tape

AME (Advanced Meta Evaporated Tape) Previously metal evaporated tapes use cobalt-nickel alloy, but now Sony delivers 100% pure cobalt for high retentiveness. Above the magnetic layer is the tough DLC protective film and high performance lubricant coating. Fine pigment backing and optimized front surface smoothness are augmented by advanced backcoating to stabilize tape guide friction and maximize durabilty.

Evaporation process

Vacuum Vapor Deposition Technology

A high energy electron gun Vaporizes pure metal material, which is then deposited directly on the base film. Therefore, no adhesive binder is needed to hold the magnetic particles together. Deposition of magnetic material is controlled to produce a diagonal columnar structure at an angle that maximizes the tape's output.