SxS PRO+ memory cards offer a guaranteed minimum writing speed of 1.3Gbps.

This high-speed capability is possible due to more efficient data writing thanks to a newly developed controller. Additionally, speed degradation is avoided thanks to intelligent functions that were developed while working with Sony’s compatible PMW-F55 camcorders.

For professional’s convenience, SxS PRO+ supports the “Lifetime indication” function of the PMW-F55/F5 camcorders. It is also fully compatible with the “Memory Media Utility” application which offers various card management functions such as library function, indications of lifetime, simultaneous data backup to 3 locations as well as formatting function.

Recording Time^

Resolution Codec Frame Rate Data Rate SxS PRO+
SBP-64B SBP-128B
4K (4096x2160) XAVC Intra 4:2:2 60p 600Mbps 10min 20min
QFHD (3840x2160) 60p 600Mbps 10min 20min
2K (2048x1080) 60p 200Mbps 30min 60min
2K (2048x1080) 180p (S&Q) 600Mbps 10min 20min
60p 200Mbps 30min 60min
180p (S&Q) 600Mbps 10min 20min
MPEG 4:2:2 30p 50Mbps 120min 240min
SStP 4:2:2 30p 220Mbps 27min 54min
SStP 4:4:4 30p 440Mbps 14min 27min
^ Performance test by Sony Internal Standard.