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Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:

File Info

File Name

  • VAIO Hardware Diagnostics Win8 Updater

File Version


File Size

  • 20.0MB

Release Date

  • 2012-12-03

System Requirements

  • Windows 8 32bit
  • Windows 8 64bit


For VAIO Automatic Upgrade, please use the VAIO Utility for Windows 8 Upgrade. Please click here to download the file.

If your VAIO has been upgraded to Windows 8 or if you prefer a manual upgrade, please install the following drivers and applications according to the order list below:


1. VAIO Care Uninstaller : SOAOTH-80999993-0080.EXE

2. Media Gallery Uninstaller : SOAMGA-80269898-0082.EXE

3. Desktop Shortcuts Uninstaller : SOAOTH-80999996-0080.EXE
4. 4. ArcSoft Magic-i uninstaller : SOAOTH-80102012-0080.EXE

5. VAIO Creation Uninstall Program : SOAOTH-80275471-0082.EXE

6. VAIO Media plus Uninstaller : SOAVMP-80274524-0082.EXE

7. Unified Uninstall Tool : UNAOTH-80276060-0080.EXE

8. Pointing Driver (Synaptics) : SPDOTH-80276292-0080.EXE

9. Graphics Driver (AMD) : A2DVID-80272707-0082.EXE

10. Memory Card Reader Writer Driver (Realtek) : REDMCC-80270227-0082.EXE

11. Pointing Driver (Synaptics) : SPDOTH-80275405-0082.EXE

12. Wireless LAN Driver (Atheros) : AHDWLL-80275418-0082.EXE

13. Battery Check Updater : SOAOTH-80271941-0082.EXE

14. PlayMemories Home : SOAOTH-80275473-0082.EXE

15. VAIO Collaboration Apps : SOAOTH-80270440-0082.EXE

16. VAIO Control Center Updater : SOAVCC-80271939-0082.EXE

17. VAIO Data Restore Tool Win8 Updater : SOAOTH-80272332-0082.EXE

18. VAIO Hardware Diagnostics Win8 Updater : SOAVHD-80272331-0082.EXE

19. VAIO Messenger Uninstaller : SOAOTH-80275602-0082.EXE

20. VAIO Peripherals Metadata : SOAOTH-80270376-0082.EXE

21. VAIO Power Management Updater : SOAVPM-80270503-0082.EXE

22. VAIO Smart Network : SOASNW-80271937-0082.EXE

23. VAIO Transfer Support : SOAOTH-80275008-0082.EXE

24. Vaio Gate Update : SOAVAG-80274510-0082.EXE

25. VAIO Care : SOAVCA-80274715-0082.EXE

26. VAIO Update : SOAVUD-80278339-0080.EXE


NOTE: Some of the files listed above may not be applicable in your VAIO. To verify if the files are applicable, please refer to the list of downloads shown below.



1. Download the .exe file to a temporary or download directory (please note this directory for reference).
2. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded.
3. Double-click the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Follow the installation wizard that appears and when the installation finishes, please restart the computer if needed.